This Web Site

I created this web site in just one evening by using a “Managed WordPress” web host who specializes in race cars and teams.

By using a Managed WordPress site, I didn’t have to:

  • Register a domain name & set up the DNS to the server
  • Purchase a Hosting Account and Set It Up
  • Obtain a copy of WordPress files, unpack, FTP to the Server, create a database and user, and install and configure.
  • Go through 100s of themes and install the better ones, as a variety of Themes to choose from were already installed
  • Figure out which, of thousands of addons I needed to install. All of the security addons were installed and configured
  • Guess at which tool addons worked as advertised. A variety of tool addons were installed and configured
  • Ever worry about updating the WordPress application, the themes or addons – as that’s done for me when the become available

All had to do was to:

  • Choose the name of the site to be part of the address. I choose ‘pettytribute’, which was appended to the address to create my address
  • I selected my theme from the many available and changed the colors to my taste
  • I then created the pages, to where I uploaded my collection of photos taken during the build, and then added a little context.
  • I finally linked the pages together with a top and side menu.

It was actually very quick & easy, although I must admit I’d done it before. For those doing it for the first time, Nostalgia Drag Racers has a forum with instructions and answering questions. There are also tens of millions of videos and instruction web sites on WordPress all over the Interweb.

If you have a race team and would like to have a team blog to keep fans up to date, and/or to solicit product sponsors, this is the absolute easiest way to do it.

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