I removed the original axle and used that opportunity to take the underside to bare metal and brushed on 4 coats of gray Por-15. The underside had little more than surface flash – and not so much of a pinhole of rust-through. I bought an 8.75 one legger axle from a 68 Chrysler. I fully disassembled, blasted and it was painted with black POR-15. It was reassembled with new bearings, brakes, studs and a rebuilt 489 case with a new Detroit Locker (not pictured as it was done a year after installing the axle). I have the 8.75 axle that came off the car if you are looking for one. I also replace the rear leaf springs with new “Springs & Things” having a 2″ lift – to accommodate bigger tires without tubbing, and side exiting exhaust pipes without scraping on hard turns. I also have the original low mileage springs if someone needs them. There are new shocks on all 4 corners, and a new Victory Performance driveshaft with 1320 U-Joints. The transmission is 833 that was in The Thug – back when it was a Street Racer. There is also a new gas tank and sending unit. I’ll cover the engine and wheels on their own page.

The below gallery is of associated photos – in no particular order. Right-click a photo to open as full size.

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