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The Old Way Of Creating a WordPress Web Site

  1. Think of a Domain and check for its availability
  2. Register the domain with a Registrar and fill out the ICANN Contact information
  3. Shop around for a web hosting company, and hope you don’t get assigned to an oversold server. Good luck with that.
  4. Go back to the Registrar and figure out how to change the Nameservers to that of the hosting company’s server you were assigned to.
  5. Log into your Hosting Control Panel and set up an FTP account
  6. Go to WordPress’ site and download the most recent version of the Application, and then unzip it on your computer.
  7. Go to your server and create a database, create a user, and assign the user to the database.
  8. Open up the WordPress PHP configuration file with a Code Editor and enter the site name, site address, database name, database user name, password, and Admin login properly in it.
  9. Use a FTP App, setup up a login to the host, and upload the files to the server.
  10. Run WordPress’ Install script, which sets up the database.
  11. Login to the Amin panel and try to figure out which plugins of the thousands available are the best of the lot.
  12. Choose a theme and add you context.

The Way To Do It With Nostalgia Drag Racing Hosting a WordPress Site

  1. Skip Steps 1 through 11 and go right to adding your context.
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