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The following are some of the features of your Nostalgia Drag Racers’ Hosted WordPress site.

Your own web address

www.NostalgiaDragRacers.com/YOURSITE where as “yoursite” would be the team or business name of your choosing. If you own a domain name, or plan to get one in the future, you can set a forward to it, with masking to where the URL displayed is your domain.

The most current software

Always the most current versions of WordPress, the Themes and Addons. You never have to worry about updates, it’s handled for you.

Selected Plugins Installed and Configured

With over 10 years as a WordPress Webmaster, I’ve learned which of over 1,000 Plugins are must haves, which work best, which are supported, which are obsolete. There is a full compliment of Plugins installed and kept updated. Plugins make having a nice website much easier.

SSL Certificate

Your Web site will have secure connections that visitors demand. When visiting your site they’ll always see that little security lock next to the address instead of an “unsafe Site” warning.

Support Forum

Should have any questions or need advice – there is a Support Forum. All new threads has an email sent to the administrator, so you’ll receive a timely reply.


Search Engine Optimization. The site as been optimized to get the highest rankings available for your context. Your site will also offer you suggestions on your posts and pages to receive a higher ranking.

Secure Firewall

Not only does the server have a world class firewall, which among other things blocks countries (China, Russia, all the Shitastans…) where the most hackers attack sites to vandalize. Then your site has another layer, called Wordfence. It performs many security functions, one of which is blocking the IP address of anyone trying too many passwords to log onto your site.

Google Recaptcha

Recaptcha keeps Robots from accessing your site.

Your Own eMail address

IF you desire, you can request and receive your own eMail address to forward to your main address. For instance, let’s say your race team is Team Thug and your website is at NostalgiaDragRacers.com/teamthug. And let’s say your regular email is JoeBloe57@gmail.com. You can request your free email forwarder, use the address of teamthug@nostalgiadragracers.com and any eMail sent to that address will show up in your Gmail account.

High Speed World Class Server

Our server is Top Shelf, and not oversold like most. While most servers have many thousands of sites fighting for little resources – we have maximum memory and we limit the server to only 250 sites. You will not see this Speed on the typical hosted WordPress site.


Many WordPress hosted sites on oversold servers charge as much as $25 per month. We’re currently offering a better product for only $99 per year on a Paypal subscription. The first 100 are Grandfathered in at that price every year they maintain the subscription. This is not because we’re nice guys (we are), or stupid (we’re not) but because we have a fast server for out custom program clients that is under utilized.

Want Someone To Do Some or All

Not yet comfortable doing your own site – or just don’t have time? We can refer you to someone whobdo as much or as little as you want – hourly or flat rate.

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