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Solicit Sponsorship

Sponsors come in many sizes. Most common is Product Sponsors. I’ve had product sponsors on Fuel Systems, Headers, Oil, Slicks, Transmission, Torque Convertor, an annual account balance at a Speed shop, and Carburetors. I’ve seen others have bigger sponsorship like a Motorhome and Stacker or the Ultimate Sponsorship of all bills paid. The more professional your web presence, the better your chance of attracting Sponsorship.

Promote & Elevate Your Racing Brand

The definition of promotion is:

Support or encouragement of the progress, growth, or acceptance of something; furtherance.

If that is what you’re trying to do with your racing – a web site gives the single best value of promotion.

Revenue From Team Shop Apparel

Whether you have a couple of cases of T-Shirts and hats to sell; or a shop at Cafe Press or Zazzle – a web site is the perfect vehicle to sell your team merchandise.

Promote Your Team’s Achievements

Win a Wally or two? A big Event? A Championship? Fans and Sponsors love winners. It all gets back to promotion.

Pimp Your Sponsors

Sponsors don’t Pony Up out of the goodness of their heart. They want publicity. When you win they want to be publicly thanked and have the public told how you couldn’t have won without their great product or support. They’ll want to see that on a professional looking web site.

Link Together Your Various Social Presences

Racers are all over the Interweb. Twitter, Facebook, Mewe, Class Racer, Gab, Parler and dozens of other places. Your Web site should be the hub of your web presence. The best plan is to use the site’s blog for your announcements, and then use the site’s Social Links to spread the news.

Post Your Race Calendar

A good team web site will have the team’s calendar on it. It should list the races and other events important to the team. A calendar will bring back visitors frequently.

Revenue From Banner Advertising

Many teams earn revenue from judicious placement of ‘pay for view’ or ‘pay for click’ banners. Banners are also an enticement for securing sponsors. I provide the benefit of a banner linking to my sponsors sites. It closed more than a couple of deals.

Team Moral

Do you have a crew helping you with their racing. A photo and introduction to your team and family members goes a long way toward strong team motivation.

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