Santa Clothes Club

Dave & Sharon Duell’s favorite charity was the Santa Clothes Club. It clothes about 2500 needy Evansville, IN area school kids each winter with a pair of jeans, shirt, socks, underwear, gym shoes, hooded coat and gloves. The cool thing about this charity is that 100% of the money donated goes to clothing kids. Everyone running the club is an uncompensated volunteer. There are no paid workers. With the help of a local retailer, a special store is set up where these kids (identified by school counselors) can shop and select their own clothes – as opposed to being handed a box. Efficiency and good partnerships has each $100 donated able to clothe one child. That’s pretty damn efficient.

Dave & Sharon (and their car dealership) worked hard to ensure that the current year raised enough to clothe more kids than the previous year. At the end of each Driver’s Dinner, Dave would ask the Drivers to consider donating what they could by dropping cash in a bucket as they left. When Dave went to the Great NSS Hall of Fame in the Sky, Doug took over where Dave had left off – with both the organization and the racer donation collection.

Collections from generous NSS Racers clothe dozens of kids in warm clothes each winter. Let’s honor the memory of Dave and Sharon (Thug Momma – who passed away this year) Duell this year, at the 15th annual Dave Duell Classic, with Doug being able to hand the Santa Clothes Club our biggest collection ever from NSS Racers.

For the purpose of your Charitable Tax Deduction Receipt, instead of cash, you can make your check Payable to Santa Clothes Club and drop it in the collection bucket as you leave the Dinner. If there’s a chance you might forget, write out your check now dated for September, and put it in your trailer for for the DDC. If for some reason you can’t make it to the DDC, give your check to a racer who can drop it in the bucket on your behalf. There’s no better feeling than to be helping disadvantaged kids stay warm, by giving to a charity that has no payroll or crooks? Let’s break all records for this cause on this upcoming 15th DDC! We know NSS are the best of class of Drag Racers wanting to help others. How many kids can you keep warm this winter?

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