Dave and Sharon Duell at the Big Show in 1968

Dave Duell

Dave Duell was a businessman (he owned Dave Duell Chrysler Plymouth of Evansville, IN) and Drag Raced in the 60s and 70s. In the 1980s he recreated his 63 Dodge Wagon that he’d raced earlier, this time using as a 64 Plymouth (he was now a Plymouth Dealer) Wagon. He raced the car in a new and upcoming class called Nostalgia Super Stock. He also played a big part in the growth of the NSS class.

Monster Mopar Weekend Days

There was a large Mopar event held each September in St. Louis, called the Monster Mopar Weekend. Dave arranged for the NSS class to piggyback a race at the MMW event, including having an exception made for Fords and GMs of the class to also be included. Dave promoted and ran that class for the promoter, arranged for a Saturday Night Driver’s Dinner and for product sponsors to donate Swag to be raffled off at the dinner.

Dave Duell on his scooter observing the NSS cars in Qualifying, to ensure there was an equal playing field.

In 2005, Dave supervised his last NSS Event at the Monster Mopar Weekend, and died that December. The majority of Racers encouraged Dave’s son (Doug Duell) to step into his father’s shoes and manage the race at MMW. It was formally named the Dave Duell Classic in 2006, as a tribute to Dave.

NMCA Takes Over

A few years later, the track in St. Louis closed, and the promoter of the Monster Mopar Weekend sold his rights to the event, and it was moved to Indianapolis. Quite a few NSS racers, including Doug Duell, were racing in NMCA’s series of events, and Doug convinced NMCA to pick up hosting the Dave Duell Classic. For years it was held in April at Beech Bend in Bowling Green, KY. NMCA has done a great job of holding the event and taking care of the NSS Racers.

A few years ago, NMCA stopping having their events in Bowling Green, and the Dave Duell Classic was moved to NMCA’s September event in Indianapolis. The event is a big deal for Nostalgia Super Stock Racers.

Events Inside The Event

  • NSS Class Winners – All NSS Classes race for Best of Class Purse
  • FX Shootout – The Fastest cars of Nostalgia Super Stock Race for a $1500 Purse
  • All-Star Race – The Best Racers from NMCA faceoff against the best Racers in Victory for money and Team Bragging rights for the year
  • Driver’s Dinner – Saturday Night, NMCA sponsors a very nice Diver’s Dinner for an Awards Ceremony, to recap the year, to discuss the future of NSS, and to raffle off Sponsor Swag.
  • NSS Eliminations – The Big Show for Big Cash is on Sunday

If you have a car that fits the Rules For NSS, you may wish to consider attending this race. You’ll never meet a better group of Drag Racers.

If you are a product or services vendor of something that is used by Nostalgia Super Stock Racers, consider being a Swag Sponsor by donating an item of value or a gift certificate(s) to be raffled at the driver’s dinner. I think you will find NSS Racers to be both appreciative and loyal to those supporting the DDC.

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