All Star Race

$1500 Purse Sponsored By Fuelab

The All-Star race takes the 16 best NSS racers each from NMCA and Victory, and races them off to determine team Bragging rights for the year, in addition to cash prizes and a Champion Belt to the last man standing. These drivers are chosen based on their last year’s ranking first, their qualifying position at DDC second, a Last Year’s Champion Pick and a Luck Dog Drawing.

Fuelab generously sponsors this race with a $1500 purse. Many of the faster NSS cars run Fuelab’s Prodigy digital and brushless fuel pumps, regulators and filters in their cars. If you’re a NSS racer who isn’t running the best fuel system for NSS cars – you should. They’re the best band most dependable. Their customer service is by far the best.

If your business provides a product or service to the drag Racers, or your just a generous fan, and you wish to be an Associate Sponsor by increasing the purse by another $500 – contact Doug Duell at Associate Sponsors will be added to this page and recognized at the DDC Awards Ceremony. If you send a banner, we’ll fly it in the Dinner Canopy.

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